When you're looking for a great live music experience you can't go wrong with Strange Brew. Based in Northern Califoria's East Bay this quintet delivers superb musicianship and a dynamic performance everytime. The wide variety of fun party and dance music will range from catchy Pop, smooth and funky R&B/Hip Hop to the greatest Clasic Rock numbers of all time. Contemporary or classic, new or old, soft or heavy. Strange Brew can do it all and do it well. When you're having fun we're having fun. Come join us soon!
For Bookings:  Call Bob Carver at (707) 631-4063 or send Email.  


Aug 14/15 (Fri/Sat) -------------------------  Cheers

Aug 21/22 (Fri/Sat) ------------------------   Stars

Sep 4 (Fri) ------------------------------------  Rellik

Sep 25/26 (Fri/Sat) -------------------------- Cheers

Oct 16 (Fri) -----------------------------------  Stars

Oct 30/31 (Fri/Sat) -------------------------- Cheers

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